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• TWP uses clean, high-grade Parafin and Citrol oils which penetrate deep into the wood and protect it from the inside.
• TWP doesn't leave excessive surface film build-up like other, lower-quality wood protection products.
• TWP uses high-grade transoxice pigments. These pigments are much finer than the bulky pigments used in other products.
• TWP produces a more natural-looking color that highlights existing rain patterns with amazing clarity and warmth.

Left untreated, your natural wood slowly deteriorates in the elements. Preserving your home's wood fights against mildew and rot, repels potential water damage and helps to retain its natural wood color. Here at Quality Painting we proudly specialize in natural wood cleaning and preserving for:

• Shingle siding
• Cedar and redwood siding
• Decks and railings
• Arbors, fences, trellises and more

• Complete residential, commercial, interior and exterior painting services
• Pressure washing services to get rid of mold and mildew, leaving surfaces looking new
• Waterproofing and elastameric coats
• Epoxy & urathane floor systems
• Custom color matching
• Color consultations
• Window cleaning services

All of our work at Quality Painting 100% guaranteed:

• We use only the highest-quality materials
• We have an extensive list of local references
• We are bonded and insured with worker's compensation and general liability.

No matter how big or small your project, we always offer competitive prices for our work.

All of your unprotected exterior wood is exposed to weathering, is susceptible to erosion and suffers from biological attack. Over time, the process of weathering and erosion changes your wood's appearance—from the beauty of new wood—to progressively deepening shades of gray and, eventually, all the way to black. Left unprotected, new wood's durability, beauty and natural coloration is under constant attack. The enemies of your exterior wood surfaces include:

• Photo degradation by sunlight
• Swelling/shrinking due to water absorption
• Decay-promoting fungi
• Other molds and mildews
• Depletion of old-growth timber (today's timber is being processed from younger, less decay-resistant trees)

To keep your exterior wood looking like new and avoid the expense of replacing unsightly damaged wood, it is necessary to apply a water-resistant coating. This will protect your wood from the enemies listed above. Some products form a protective barrier on top of the wood, and may look good initially, but are of little long-term value. They wear off in less than a year as a result of things as simple as light weather and foot traffic. Far superior are products which protect the wood by being absorbed into the fibers themselves. Contact us today for a free estimate and let Q.P. Enterprises help you protect your home's natural woods.